breaking news: lemons made into entire lemonade stand!

I got handed some Mercury Retrograde lemons this morning and I successfully made them into an entire fucking lemonade stand. My flight getting cancelled & having to take a red-eye is usually not my favorite thing, but my day ended up being great. Now I just feel extra-prepared & super-psyched for my Girl Talk gig.

So. Come see me & Rose at UW tomorrow at 6pm, Madison folks! :) I might be a little exhaust-o-Gina from my red-eye, but I promise to make up for it with the usual earnest de Vries enthusiasm.

How I wish how I wish how I wish HOW I WISH I COULD TAKE THIS!!!


Wednesday, December 5 at 3pm is the deadline to register for Lynda Barry’s “The Unthinkable Mind” class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

More information about the class here..