femmes &/or make-up &/or blowjob afficionados, some questions

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After almost 2 straight seasons of losing, Liv won one lastnight, y’all.

i need someone to come earn me. this was like the most PERFECT writing and scene, EVER.

I’m not actually up on the most recent season of Scandal? That said, this dialogue is way too fucking relevant to my life right now.

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This is pretty much my gender, my sexual orientation, and probably a good 70% of my kinks in animated .gif form.

Well, okay, not really. I am perhaps a slightly more complex creature. But this is really not a bad Beginner’s Manual.

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"too much information"

I am working on a short piece that’s due to be posted in an internet forum to my classmates in precisely 15 minutes. None of them are people I know, really.

The piece is about being a domestic violence survivor. It’s autobiographical, but my classmates won’t necessarily know that. But that is not what I wanted to focus on in this post, actually.

What I am wanting to note is that I just took out a segment that talks about consensual sex (consensual cocksucking, specifically). And that is because it feels… intimate. Like a kind of private disclosure, whereas the other stuff doesn’t feel like as much of a reveal.

I think this is funny because if someone, like, did a statistical analysis of my published work I’m sure that cocksucking would come up ALL THE TIME, you know? I am not shy about sex, and I am particularly un-shy about blowjobs.

But for some reason, those lines felt like too intimate a detail about my particular kinks & likes to reveal. Like, on top of everything else that is being revealed in this piece I am turning in, writing about how I have sex to this group of strangers is way too vulnerable.

Even though they don’t necessarily know that it is me. Even though I am writing about it here, to the whole wide internet, right now.

Anyway. Writers & artists who work with autobiography/memoir: Do certain things feel like “too much information” for you? Not as in “Eeew TMI,” but as in “No, I am not ready to share that with those people yet”? Are you okay sharing with some people or in some forums, but not in others? I am curious.