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Okay, so. This really makes me wonder if Lady Gaga is a Sifl & Olly fan. The similarities between this and “Telephone” are kinda great.

Oh, for fucking real, Teeth? You start blowing up in pain THE WEEKEND BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS? In the words of the immortal Sifl & Olly, “Shamalama gingivitis tooth decay!”

"We could talk about BANANAS."

"A Word With Chester," from Sifl & Olly, found on Lynda Barry’s blog. I very much appreciate that she also loves Sifl & Olly.


The Near-Sighted Monkey bows before these sock puppet maestri.

awwwz yeah

I’m home from my Wednesday class really early. Usually it’s supposed to get out at 11pm, but we got out at 7 tonight. So I went grocery shopping, and now I am making a giant corn & cabbage & red onion & avocado & tomato salad, with refried black beans w/ garlic, and cotija & crema, & tortillas. And watching Sifl & Olly clips on youtube. AWWWZ YEAH.

Cooking is not just nourishment for me — it’s pleasure & stress relief & self-care. I realized tonight that I have not really cooked (like, other than making a quick quesadilla or an egg) since I got back from vacation and jumped into school. I’ve been living off take-out & what’s in my freezer. And I have been missing fruits & vegetables.

So. NO MORE! The Kitchen Bitch is back, y’all.

a little unavailable this week (shamalama gingivitis tooth decay!)

I’ve had a bad toothache since Sunday, and it got even worse yesterday, and I am a bit distracted & slow to respond to email/phone calls/etc as a result. Please do not take it personally. I’m getting to a dentist (well, dental school clinic) tomorrow, and have been trying to be as gentle with myself as possible in the meantime. My concentration for even the most basic of tasks is pretty shot. Tooth pain really is the worst, ow.

At least there is Sifl & Olly, right?