"Sky Mall Kitties!" Wow, Nina Katchadourian is my New Favorite Artist EVER. The stills from this video were collected entirely on a plane, with her iPhone.

Thank you Jos!

"A friend responded with this point: “It will be seen by a lot more people than your average - ‘what do we want and when do we want it’ protest - because as much as I am pro union and will support boycotts, I don’t forward info on every single boycott because seriously, nobody would read my reports if I did. I saw the YouTube video and then saw that the Palace Hotel was part of the boycott list and canceled my reservations for tea at the Garden Room. I probably would not have found out about the boycott if it wasn’t entertaining enough to go viral, and I definitely wouldn’t have posted it in my [Facebook] status and then five of my friends probably wouldn’t have posted in theirs…”"

— I am so damn thrilled that “Don’t Get Caught in a Bad Hotel" has gone viral. My mom sent me a link to it today. Granted, my Ma is super queer-supportive and comes from a fairly long line of working-class union members and/or organizers. But still. She’s a straight woman in her sixties with “a good union job” (her description), and this video and article were sent to her by a friend of hers, another straight woman in her sixties with a good union job. And they both think it’s wonderful and are telling friends to boycott the hotels on the list.

It just really warms my heart that this organizing is reaching beyond the young, queer, and hip bubble. When I first saw “Bad Hotel”, the creativity and fun behind the protest made me really happy. And, honestly, I also had this moment of “But will this speak to folks who aren’t scrappy activist twentysomething queers? Will it reach queer folks — especially older queer folks — who actually have the economic resources to stay at nice hotels for Pride? Will it reach older straight folks who will talk to their gay friends about it?” If my mom’s email to me is any indication, it looks like it has. And that is a beautiful thing.