i am still blushing.

I went to the fancy donut shop on 24th Street today to get birthday donuts for a friend. The following conversation actually happened to me:

Girl Behind Counter: Hey, you live in the neighborhood, right?
Me: Yes, I do.
Girl Behind Counter: Okay, so I live around here too, and so do a lot of my friends, and I feel like I should tell you that you’re kinda known as “Cute Sock Girl.” Like, my friend and I were hanging out a couple days ago, and we saw you walking down 24th Street, and she said to me “Look at her! Whenever I see that girl, I always do a double-take to check out her fabulous socks!”
Boy Behind CounterĀ  (nodding vigorously & flashing me a flirty smile): Yeah!
Me (dying a little): I… Wow. Wow. Thank you. I’m a little verklempt.
Girl Behind Counter: Oh, just take the compliment, you deserve it!

Then they gave me a free donut.

I am still blushing.