$20 will buy one chair which we can paint, with your name on it!

The Intersections Cafe is a peer support group that was established by CNY for Solidarity in the spring of 2014 in Syracuse, NY. It is a space for LGBTQ people to come together for community support, both emotional and material. Currently, we rent chairs each meeting, on top of the fees to rent the space by the hour. We would like your help to purchase our own chairs. $20 will sponsor one chair. We will be painting and decorating them as a group and if you would like, we can add your name and a dedication on the chair you sponsor. Once we raise enough money, the rest of the funds we raise will go towards rental space.

There are several things that make the Intersections Cafe unique.

  1. LGBTQ people of all ages. We have organizations in Syracuse for LGBTQ youth and seniors, but many of us do not fit those categories. This is a space for all ages, and because of this, we have a lot to offer one another.
  2. The values of intersectionality. Or in other words, we try to emphasize the way that homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism, and other forms of oppression are all interrelated. We realize people are more than just their sexual orientation and gender identity and try to avoid discrimination within our own community.
  3. Transgender leadership. Most groups are gay/lesbian run, and some attempt to be inclusive of trans* and gender nonconforming people. At Intersections, the main demographic we serve is transgender people, but all are welcome to learn, share, and discuss how gender and sexuality affect their lives. We have a diverse group of attendees.
  4. Free food. Coffee plus meals or snacks are provided each time. Volunteers prepare and transport the food. In addition, we make sure there are groceries from our pantry for attendees to take home with them. We realize that the LGBTQ and trans* communitie are much more likely to live in povery.  Mainstream food pantries are often uncomfortable or even unsafe for us. Having food available in safe spaces like Intersections is very important!
  5. Beyond being a support group where people can talk, Intersections provides a point of contact for other supportive resources and services. These include assitance with employment, healthcare, food, and other needs in the LGBTQ and trans* communities.

Please help us maintain this exciting new program! Again, $20 will sponsor a chair, but we are grateful for any donation, no matter how small. Please spread the word and feel free to come to our next meeting!

About Intersections Cafe: “Transgender, genderqueer, gay, queer, crossdresser, lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, whatever: As long as you are open-minded you belong at the Intersections Cafe! Come vent, share, or just listen… and have a FREE MEAL & COFFEE or TEA! Location is right across from the Centro Transit Hub.”

Seriously, it seems like as soon as I left Syracuse awesome stuff started happening. But for real, CNY For Solidarity is so cool and run by truly wonderful people, and they are doing real, concrete things to help the LGBTQ community in Central New York. This is just one of many, so if you can donate, please do, I know I will be once I get paid again.

These descriptions really warmed my heart. Throw some love & money their way, yeah?

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My comic "Shadow Manifesto" pt. 1 (excerpted below) takes Toronto-based game maker merritt kopas's workshops (and in part 2, games) as one of several jumping off points to discuss aesthetics and perspectives (literal and figurative).

Pt. 2 will talk about merritt’s most recent game, Consensual Torture Simulator. merritt made CTS in Twine, which means it’s a choose-your-own adventure format text game. In CTS, you play a domme who meets up with your girl, who has asked you if you would be up to pushing her limits until she cries. You’ve agreed, she comes over, and you start the scene. What follows is an incredibly hot, nuanced, and empathetic portrayal of a gay kink relationship. I’ve done kink play for years as domme/top, and I really identified with a lot of aspects of the experience, in ways I’d never seen depicted in any kind of storytelling media before; it also made me reconsider my own limits and boundaries as a domme, something that both people in kink scenes, and the world at large, tend to be loathe to discuss or even acknowledge. Leigh Alexander conducted a thoughtful interview with merritt about CTS on Gamasutra. You can get the game for $3 US on gumroad, and I really think you should.

merritt runs a web shop with her sis Nic Bravo called Pup & Fawn, where they sell XTROGEN shirts (pictured w/ m.k. modeling), art by Nic (pictured), and soon, patches.

I saw Nic's glittery hand-lettered art in person for the first time recently, and it's no slight to say that the pictures do no justice to these pieces. I feel a space to rest in them. You can also email her to ask about commissions, which run from $40-65 Canadian, depending on the size.

I recommend merritt’s project forest ambassador, in which she curates one post about an interesting free “indie” / “art” game per week. It’s free to check out, and you can support this effort for $1 or more per month on Patreon.

merritt and Nic both have a lot of financial need right now. They’re both on public assistance, which is of course far under a living wage, and also penalizes you if you earn income from any other source. merritt and Nic are friends of mine, and I really fucking hate to see people I care about struggle and be sad because they’re suffering in this fucked up capitalist bullshit.

So both merritt and Nic identify as trans women (trans dykes specifically), and Nic deals with mental health issues (she self-identifies as crazy). Both things, I can tell you from my experience, make it very difficult and discouraging to try to get a day job — in the first place, any day job, and in the second place, a day job that won’t be traumatic and horrible (i.e. possibly dealing with transmisogynist workplace harassment from co-workers and/or customers, possible difficulty maintaining a work schedule/basic functioning w/ mental health problems, etc). I emphasize this because I get the sense that most people who don’t deal with these issues directly don’t understand the magnitude, complexity, or subtlety in which they affect a person’s ability to earn money in a “typical” “day job” context. (For the record, I would also say that I’m poor.)

If you have some expendable income, and you’re interested in some really beautiful work that helps support some people in need, I hope you consider buying some of this stuff; whether you do or not, it would be really cool if you reblogged / tweeted about / this post, or their work in general.

Thanks for yr time.


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Many of you know that my Paisan and my Padre Toni Amato has been beloved family to me for the past decade, that I would do pretty much anything within the scope of my humble powers for him & his. What most of you probably don’t know is that Toni is THE REASON I decided to make writing, performance, and teaching my life’s work. If you are a fan of anything I have EVER produced over the past 10 years, writing/performance/arts/culture-wise… Really, don’t thank me. Thank Toni. He’s the one who told me to trust my voice, the one who made me realize the work I do is even possible in the first place.

Toni is hitting up against some intensely rough times, and he & his partner are in serious need right now. Any amount you can spare to give, no matter how small or large, will help tremendously.

Please, help heal & sustain one of the people I love most in the world.

Ti voglio bene, Padre. Ti adoro. <3

Volunteer with St. James Infirmary over Folsom Street Fair weekend! (Please reblog!)

Hello, tumblrverse!

I’m writing with my St. James Infirmary work hat on. We’re recruiting volunteers for
the 2013 Folsom Street Fair on Sunday, September 29th. We would absolutely love your help!

Volunteer shifts are short (any where from 4-6 hours), easy, and fun. They’re a lovely way to connect with the St. James extended family and cruise wandering hotties at the Fair. Plus, your volunteer time at Folsom helps us raise valuable funds for the only clinic run by & for sex workers in the nation.

You can sign up for a volunteer shift here!

If you can’t volunteer, but you know some trustworthy folks who’d be into volunteering with St. James (for Folsom Street Fair in September, or at St. James Infirmary events in general), I’d be very grateful if you forwarded this post on to them.

If you’ve got any further questions, please contact me at my work email.

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you’re all having a lovely summer.

Gina de Vries
Grants Development Coordinator
St. James Infirmary



Hey Y’all,

   As some of you may already know, I’m trying to help my partner and myself get to our respective cities in the Midwest and East Coast to begin our Masters programs.  My partner, Toni, is a proud genderqueer filipin@ born and raised in San Francisco.  They have spent the last 10 years employed by SF Bay Area non-profits, where they worked closely with queer and transgender youth of color and adult queer women and transgender people of color as an arts as activism/media project program coordinator, facilitator and workshop instructor teaching queer history, media and film with an anti-oppression and healing framework.  They anticipate starting their MFA program in Theater Arts & Film which will be the catalyst into the next phase of their artistry where they will be able to bridge their theater and filmmaking pursuits.

I, Sarah, am an Oakland based classical flute player, youth development worker, and community activist aiming to implement socially relevant, culturally competent, and economically accessible avenues to classical music training and live performance within communities of color.  I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Music Performance to gain vital tools – scholastic, entrepreneurial, and musical – to enable me to effectively use classical music as a means for empowerment, healing, and movement-building within working class communities of color.

We need more ferocious black and brown artists doing big thangs in film, theater arts, and classical music!  Moving cross country is proving to be an incredible financial strain on myself and Toni so please, PLEASE consider donating to our Indiegogo campaign, Tonilyn’s Been Accepted Into Grad School and Needs Your Help Getting There!, or signal boosting the crap outta this campaign. We only have 7 DAYS LEFT to do the damn thing, so any amount of donations and/or signal boosting would be deeply felt and appreciated. Many thanks and infinite amounts of gratitude to those who have already contributed and/or signal boosted this campaign!

Check out our campaign HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tonilyn-s-been-accepted-into-grad-school-needs-your-help-getting-there/x/1865154

You, the community, made it possible for me to travel to my grad school auditions back in February and, thanks to you, I am now starting the programs of my dreams.  I have so much faith in your ability to make it happen for us!

With love, humility, and gratitude,


I had the absolute delight of meeting & working with Toni as part of the STILL HERE ensemble this past June, and I just cannot say enough good things. They are absolutely golden. I have not yet had the pleasure of hanging out with Sarah, but any partner of Toni’s is also golden in my book.

Please consider throwing some money & love towards these lovely people and signal-boosting this ask.

Please keep signal-boosting my dear friend Fran’s fundraising campaign, folks.

I want my friend around for a long time. And I’mma keep posting about this and encouraging you to post about it till she reaches her goal.

In Fran’s own eloquent words:

"I have made peace with the fact that I live with a heart infection that will take my life, even though it will always make me angry that this infection is curable.  And that the wealthiest nation on the planet makes certain antibiotics so expensive people cannot afford them even to save their own lives.  But I’m not quite ready to go anywhere yet.  And a cardiologist can very likely help me manage my heart damage and live a much healthier existence in the present moment… I’m asking for $6500 to live off of for the next year to 15 months.  This would enable me to see the specialists I need to see, find and maintain a relationship with a good primary care provider and maybe access some pain relief in the form of bodywork for the first time in many years."

Fran, I am angry, too, and I am with you in this fight. You are asking for so little in the grand scheme of things. You deserve this ten-fold, twenty-fold, FIFTY-fold.

Everyone, PLEASE repost Fran’s request and give what you can.

Story Time:

So I had the amazing, weird, absolutely thrilling & utterly wonderful privilege of volunteering for Kate Bornstein’s National Queer Arts Fest shows pretty much every summer when I was a teenager (from roughly the ages of 15-19). Summer vacation didn’t mean, say, Beach Time for me — it meant NQAF Time, and it especially meant Kate Time.

Those volunteer shifts were the BEST education in queer theater I could’ve ever asked for. They are largely responsible for why I do the work in queer arts community that I still do today.

All of that said, this is actually my favorite Kate story:

So, I’m 30 now. I ran into Kate and a few of her friends at Cupcake Royalle when I was in Seattle this summer. She hugged me like an old friend, and we talked about my days volunteering for her when I was a wee thing (I was surprised and touched she remembered me after so many years, honestly). Then she gave me the best cruisey eye I have ever been blessed to receive, and purred “And as your Auntie, can I just say? MY, how you’ve grown!” And then she winked at me.

It was dirty and sweet and pervy and familial and tender and, above all, so, so dear. I will always remember just how much that wink made me grin and blush.

I want Kate to be giving that wink to people well into her hundreds. Just sayin’.

Help me help my soul mate.


me and andy

There are people that exist in your life and they are just it for you. From the moment you meet them, you know, “Yes. Yes. This is it.” I remember the first time I came across the phrase “kindred spirit” when I was 8 years old, reading Anne of Green Gables. They are rare and beautiful people in your life and they are everything.

Andy (boy on the left) is one of those people for me (girl on the right). Ever since we met at Camp Trans 2009, he has been my platonic soul mate. We call each other “brother” and we mean it. 

In the last three months, both of our lives have fallen apart. Some of those things happened in tandem (one of our best friends killed themselves in December) and some of those things have been completely separate (he got in a 4 car pileup just days after the funeral; I watched my neighbor bleed to death in her driveway last Saturday). But he needs me. And I need money.

I live in Oakland. He lives in Michigan. A couple of weeks ago, his partner, with whom he has been for many years, was poisoned. He has an incredibly rare neurological condition called dystonia, and he is now suffering from brain damage. Andy is doing his best to take care of him, but all the stress of the last three months got to him and he had a massive seizure, breaking his arm in two places. His partner now uses a wheelchair and is also having seizures. His partner was also the sole financial provider for the family and obviously can no longer work. My best friend is struggling to keep afloat.

I have been an aid for folks with both physical and neurological disabilities for 6 years. I can help them. I just need to get there. 

I’ve asked for money from tumblr before, to get to my friend’s funeral. Y’all saved me then, and I’m hoping beyond hope that lightening might strike twice. I need a good thing like you would not believe. And flying to Michigan to take care of my friends is that good thing.

I need help buying a plane ticket and making up for the week of work I’ll be missing. My partner and I are way below the poverty line and we could not pay rent if I missed a day of work. So. If you’re able and willing, please consider tossing me like 5 bucks to go take care of the platonic love of my life. If it makes you feel any better, we’re both queer and mad activists, he’s trans, and we’re poor. I’m not above exploiting identity politics to get to him. 

here’s the link to my paypal.  I don’t have the words to properly thank anyone who even considers donating, but thank you. Thank you. 

Gus is just a thoroughly lovely person whose work in the world consistently impresses me & brings me joy. Consider throwing her some love & cash, folks.

Please donate to my friend Jayvin’s fundraiser to replace his stolen computer, and please spread the word about this campaign. Even $5-$10 donations help. EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Jayvin is one of my nearest, dearest, and best beloved friends. We met as teenagers, and have known each other half our lives (!). I love him tremendously, and he is responsible for much of who I am today.

I could tell you a lot of awesome stories about Jayvin. I could wax rhapsodic about his tireless activism, his razor-sharp intellect, his wry wit, his great big tender heart, and his delicious mischievous smile. But mostly, I just wanna say this: It is the good and right thing to give back to people who devote their lives to building community and giving generously, as Jayvin has.

I love you, Fluffy. Let’s make this happen! <3


If you haven’t noticed, my posting volume has been quite of low as of late and here’s why: a week ago, my backpack was stolen out of my friend’s car; my backpack contained my laptop, my TI-89 calculator, and various other effects including my notes for my classes, and my prescriptions for aderall and dexodrine. (The notes included the calculus test I just completed on Monday. Needless to say I was pretty upset and felt pretty stupid.) 

I’m currently in the process of replacing my laptop and doing so with my “GoFundMe” website. While I don’t expect everyone to cover the entire cost of my laptop, the way GoFundMe works, whatever people donate is instantly deposited into a midway account, (with the fee taken out of each donation, instead of one lump sum when I “reach my goal”,) and I can access the funds with or without reaching my goals. 

I am going to give it a week or two before I take whatever’s in the account and use it toward funding my replacement laptop. 

I’m currently raising $1,350.00 to replace my laptop, (with a refurbished Mac like I used to have, and get a copy of the Microsoft Suite for Mac). Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and share with people if you think it’s appropriate. 

Here’s the link for my GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/Return-of-the-Mac


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