Limecrime Alternatives




Here is a list of colorful lipstick alternatives so I never have to hear the excuse “but they’re the only colored lipstick on the market” ever fucking again. Also they aren’t the only ones doing matte liquid lipstick but like if that makes you feel better fine just don’t talk to me about them ever. You cannot justify them, research doesn’t shrug off history. Limecrime weren’t the first in the weird lipstick game, they won’t be the last, they aren’t the best, they aren’t the most affordable, they aren’t the most accessible. Here are things I have and love. BUY THESE INSTEAD. 

  1. Portland Black Lipstick Company - cheaper and better formulations to boot.  Swatches.
  2. OCC - more colors and more accessible. Swatches
  3. KAOIR - more colors and a nice formulation
  4. Morgana’s Crypt - I love them, have a bunch. SUPER UNIQUE and also affordable
  5. Geek Chic Cosmetics - Super affordable, fandom based, good products
  6. NYX - cheaper and more colors 
  7. FierceMagenta - etsy seller, just look at the swatches, try not 2 die
  8. INGLOT - i love their blues 
  9. Make Up For Ever - more accessible 
  10. Melt Cosmetics - Probably my obsession right now, so beautiful, so many nice colors, high quality 
  11. The Lip Bar 
  12. Impulse Cosmetics 
  13. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics
  14. Dose of Colors
  15. My Beauty Addiction

There. HAVE FUN. And if you have any to add feel free to let me know. There are PLENTY of etsy sellers on the market but etsy is also a scary place full of wholesalers and resellers so I am only recommending places I have thoroughly vetted myself. 

Update: added a few to the list.

I’d be happy to compile this into a side by side “dupe” spreadsheet or something similar to the old Doe Deere Lies dupe spreadsheet in the summer or something. Of course Limecrime threatened whoever ran Doe Deere Lies (they have a history of blogger intimidation for bad reviews) so that entire website is gone now. Does anyone have a copy of that around? Sent it to me if you do and I’ll modify it. 

In lieu of that spreadsheet being gone, this Pinterest board is super, super helpful.

Here are some more alternatives that I know of:

Limnit Lipsticks - I’ve tried a few of these lipsticks and love them. I think they should be restocking soon.
Little Sparrow Cosmetics - Funky lip colors and blushes. I have a few of the blushes and they’re super pigmented and amazing.
Shiro Cosmetics - You can choose any of their lip safe eyeshadows and have them made into lip gloss with an option of sheer, moderate, or opaque opacity. You can also have custom made gloss. Lots of swatches and reviews here.
Fyrinnae - Their lip lustres come in unique colors, the formula is supposedly similar to NYX matte lip cremes. I love their eyeshadows, but never tried the lip products.
Maybelline - The Color Sensational Vivids line has super bright, pigmented lipsticks and they’re a drugstore brand - inexpensive and easy to find. I have several and love them.

+1 for Melt, expensive but WORTH IT. Also, I’m really excited for the new NYX lipstick line.

secrets of the chronically ill femme psyche

My fibro’s been hella bad this week. Thus, I have been really into STATEMENT make-up on the days I have actually been able to leave the house.

It’s like: “If this is the first time in 4 days that I’m making it past my front door and out into the world, LET’S GET READY TO LOOK SOOO GOOOD!”

10 things about today

I went to a queerspawn baby-naming ceremony today in a Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence caravan. (If you are uninitiated with The Sisters, think of ‘em as Atruistic Drag Nuns.)

Item #1: I did the majority of my make-up while sitting on my stoop waiting for said Drag Nun Caravan to come collect me (I did the rest in the caravan). Balancing all of my make-up, my bag, Cane-dy Darling, & my glasses on my lap in full view of [Busy Main Drag In The Mission] Street made me feel like I, like, Levelled Up in femme. (Do I get a Super Mario mushroom in fuchsia now?)

Item #2: The Sisters were running a little late to get me & the following txt msgs happened:

Sister Violet: Sorry! Running on Drag Nun Time. 10 more minutes!
Gina: So ok! I run on Cripple Femme Time, no worries!

Item #3: When a Sister asks you about how you did yr make-up, you officially have bragging rights. (Do I get another fuchsia mushroom?)

Item #4: My Very Proud New Papa friend said to me “Gina, your make-up is peacock-themed!” and I had a “How did I not realize I did that?!” moment.

Item #5a: There were a lot of babies at the part-tay (in addition to The Baby Of Honor, I mean). I don’t want kids myself, but I really like being around other peoples’ kids. (I have a lot of Auntie Mame Feelings, basically.) Getting to hold a baby in my lap for the majority of my afternoon was a truly sweet thing.
Item #5b: I realized while writing this that my make-up was also baaasically Auntie Mame - themed.

Item #6: I am consistently impressed by the totally kick-ass parents in my life. It is just so awesome to see parenting done right

Item #7: It is amazing to see family in general done right, too. It is especially amazing to see queer & trans peoples’ straight cis family of origin be completely cool with their kids, their grandkids, and their kids’ & grandkids’ family of choice. This should not be a big deal, but it is.

Item #8: Like, seriously, one day The Baby Of Honor is gonna be able to say: “My parents had a naming ceremony for me when I was 3 weeks old, with family of origin and family of choice, and traditional Jewish prayers and a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence who did a special blessing just for me!”

Item #9: Basically, this is why god invented the word verklempt.

Item #10: Sister Violet made a bunch of little Blessing Cards for all the party-goers to write in for the family. The idea was to write wishes/blessings/hopes/etc in them, and then hide them around the house, so the parents & kiddo will find them for years to come.

At the risk of ruining the surprise: I put my blessings in books. I won’t say which books, but I will say that I marked essays by Gayle Rubin & David Wojnarowicz. Because OBVIOUSLY/because I am me.

Ivy: That is a fucking awesome outfit! I love everything about it!
Me: Thank you, it’s an experiment for me? I feel like it’s kinda Faggot Hustler Meets Liza Minelli in Cabaret?
Ivy: Oh, WORD!
Me: The bowtie isn’t bad?
Ivy: Are you kidding? The bowtie is amazing!
Me: No, I just feel like bowties flag TRANSMASCULINE DOUCHEBAG like 98% of the time, and I am trying to avoid that…
Ivy: No, I know what you mean, but it’s just so… you. Also, it’s really femme. And like, how do I say this? It’s silly, but it’s silly in a great way.
Me: Ha! It’s silly in a way that is aware of its silliness!


Charles was pleased with the decorative progress in his boudoir, but was still in search of the perfect vanity.


Charles was pleased with the decorative progress in his boudoir, but was still in search of the perfect vanity.

Donning dandy drag for drinks with Dorian tonight. Plus a bonus shot of my snazzy new (leopard print!) cane.

I am seriously proud of my make-up. The hot pink eyeshadow I splurged on in Pdx was a good choice. Also seriously proud of my outfit, and wishing I had better pix than what I can get with the bad lighting in my apartment + PhotoBooth.

(I have also apparently become an old lady who goes to bed at midnight, so? Pray that my tired crippled ass can stay awake long enough for a drink & a catch-up tonight!)

Yesterday’s make-up. I’ve been experimenting with greens and earthtones lately. I mean, you gotta mix up ALL FUCHSIA ALL THE TIME sometimes, right?


pretty much the reason I have intense dysphoria is that it’s actually very difficult to have an everyday kind of embodiment that can transition from Dolly to Peewee easily and at whim, and my body doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me in realising that aim, nor does society at large understand that the fact that I feel more comfortable 75% of the time as Peewee doesn’t invalidate my intense Dolly feels the rest of the time, or even coexisting along side my need to be a dorky, androgynous manchild in a new wave suit ensemble

I went to the trouble of re-finding this post of nemesissy’s today because I really needed it, because I am having pretty much exactly THIS Gender Moment as I’m getting dressed for work. So much so that I am writing this and fretting over outfits and rubbing my temples instead of, y’know, eating breakfast and heading to werk. :/ :/ :/

And my own internal references aren’t Dolly & Peewee as much as they are, say, Liz & Bowie (to reference another very famous picture). I’m probably about 75% Liz, 25% Bowie. And today is a 25% day, and, well… Blergh?

Another thing I am thinking about: I fucking wish I had some models of what FAT ANDROGYNY looks like. Like, anywhere? I obvsly love me some Bowie & Swinton but those bitches are skinny, and I love hella fat femme ladies and can usually draw from that when I’m in Liz Mode, but. Sometimes what I’m trying to do just isn’t as ladylike.

I feel extremely conspicuous & self-conscious whenever I do Public Gender Processing. I very well might delete this later. But I kinda needed to write it because I kinda needed to read it.

I love going shopping in my own closet!

Outfit pix by request of anarqueso (read it, it’s damn good — the part about transcontinental phone sex had me howling).

Not pictured because taking photobooth pix of an outfit head-to-toe is surprisingly difficult in a tiny office: Black lace tights & beloved pink Docs.