One day a few years ago, me & Marlene were driving around, and:

Me: Ooh, are we listening to the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack?
Marlene: No, we are listening to Brian Eno.
Me: Wow. Cool. This is really good!
Marlene: Oh my god, kid, how the fuck do you not know about Here Come The Warm Jets? Especially when you’re such a Bowie nut?
Me: I… don’t know?
Marlene: It is only the best yellow-hanky-inspired album title ever!
Me: Pfffft, are you serious?
Marlene: Yes! In addition to making great music, he is also a giant pervert!
Me: That is a winning combination.

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gcvsa replied to your post: P-P-P-Poker Face

"Lady" is Italian for "Bitch", would be a great book title. :D

Hee! :) Here is where the phrase originated…

P-P-P-Poker Face

  • Marlene & I are out to brunch, and she suddenly makes A *Face*.
  • Gina: You're about to say something very entertaining, aren't you?
  • Marlene: Maaaybe...
  • Gina: I am an A+ student in The Facial Expressions of Marlene. That is your "whatever comes out of her mouth is gonna be pure gold" face.
  • We both start laughing hysterically.
  • Marlene: God, I have zero poker face.
  • Gina: I also have zero poker face, for what it's worth. What were you gonna say, now?
  • Marlene: Oh, it was about some lady's weird outfit, and it's gone, but it's okay. That was worth it.

"Week... End?"

  • Gina: So I've been experimenting with this thing called Doing Less? It's kinda great.
  • Marlene: It's totally great. Get some tweed!
  • Gina: Tweed? [I actually thought at first that she said "weed."]
  • Marlene: Tweed!
  • Gina: Um... Okay?
  • Marlene: Y'know, like, a jacket with leather elbow patches!
  • Gina: ... Like an English professor?
  • Marlene: Okay, you need to understand that when I think about things like Leisure and Doing Less, it conjures up an especially British upper crust picture in my head.
  • Gina: I could take up drinking tea.
  • Marlene: Precisely!
  • Gina: I am thinking of the scene in "Downton Abbey" where Maggie Smith is like "Week... End?" Because I am kinda like "Week... End?" But in the polar opposite of the Maggie Smith way.

Marlene drops the mic.

  • Marlene: Okay, so, me & Pony were driving around, and this woman cut me off, and I muttered "Oh, vaffanculo* lady!"
  • Gina: Hee!
  • Marlene: And then Pony was like "What does that mean?" And I was like "Well, basically, 'vaffanculo' is Italian for 'go fuck yourself'..."
  • Gina: Yes.
  • Marlene: "... And 'lady' is Italian for bitch."
  • Gina: *hyena laughs for 5 minutes solid* *wheezes*
  • Marlene: Right?!
  • Gina: *still wheezing*
  • Marlene: Right?!
  • Gina: IT'S SO TRUE, though!
  • * Literally translated, it's actually "go take it up the ass," but, y'know, same difference.

Sashay Sachet

  • (Reblogging a bit today just 'cause, but still mostly on tumblr break. This conversation was too good for just my paper journal, though.)
  • Me: Somebody somewhere uses Lavender Sachet as a drag name, yes? Like, that has to be a thing, right?
  • Marlene: Oh yeah!
  • Me: I mean, I haven't met her yet, but I hope to one of these days. A life is a long time.
  • Marlene: You do realize that Lavender Sachet would be the queen in Holly Hobbie dresses, right?
  • Me: Um, of *course*! What kind of girl do you take me for?

an embarrassment of silly voices

  • Dorian, in affected Rich Bitch/Aristocracy Voice: I am not used to such hiiiiigh societyyyy part-tayyyys!
  • Gina: You know, when you talk like that, you sound kinda like Pootie Tang, but like, without the gibberish?
  • Marlene: No, actually, the best thing about dating a girl from Long Island who puts on Aristocracy Voice is that she sounds *just* like Candy Darling!

eXXXtra proud of my Marlene today. (Meow, now I can say I knew you way back when…) <3

"If you think that rich holiday foods and such will make your ass bigger, please send me your recipes and/or pictures of your big ass."

Wise words from the very wisest of  Marlenes.

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