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Welcome to the first participator bio for Bookish Beasts!

Meet CSC gallery curator Dorian Katz:

Dorian Katz draws no line between the innocent & truly perverse in her work.


See what we mean?

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an embarrassment of silly voices

  • Dorian, in affected Rich Bitch/Aristocracy Voice: I am not used to such hiiiiigh societyyyy part-tayyyys!
  • Gina: You know, when you talk like that, you sound kinda like Pootie Tang, but like, without the gibberish?
  • Marlene: No, actually, the best thing about dating a girl from Long Island who puts on Aristocracy Voice is that she sounds *just* like Candy Darling!

if you’d permit me a moment of cheezy

I’ve had a rough week & I’ve been Feeling It, but: I am also blessed with the best friend family I could ever possibly fucking ask for. Thank you. <3

Hey y’all. A very dear friend of mine is looking for housing in SF (or the East Bay or South Bay, but SF is strongly preferred due to commute stuff) for December 1st. If you’ve got any connections, get in touch, yeah?

an abundance of dorians / loved / a little more about family things

I had a deeply stressful week, but I got to counter that a bit with an excellent Saturday: Coffee, dumplings, chatter, & the beach with this Dorian & this dog, and then a Mostaccioli & Chatter Part-tay with this Dorian & this Marlene.

This Dorian said to me tonight: “I was just saying to Marlene that I love the way we all hang out together — like, that we cook and talk for hours and watch movies — because it feels like Family Time, you know?”

At which point I stopped stirring the tomato sauce to give her a big hug.

I am someone who (like a lot of us) is not especially blessed in the family of origin department. I am, however, extraordinarily blessed to have other kinds of family. I feel very thankful for that tonight.

I realized tonight over dinner & conversation with Marlene & Dorian that I have been out as queer in some form or another for almost 19 years. It’ll be exactly 20 years in late 2014.

This is kinda blowing my damn mind. It also, frankly, borders on the absurd when you take into account that I am 30.

I know a lot of queer folks who have been out for multiple decades. But they are pretty much all older than me by at least 5 years, if not a decade or more.

This is part of why I have a lot of older friends. It is also a huge part of why I tended towards friending, fucking, and dating much older people in my early 20s. As much as I might make jokes about being a chickenhawk (I’ve recently been dating a friend who is younger than me, and my last Serious Bizness Relationship was with someone younger), I actually have far more experience being on the chicken side of things.

I actively sought older people out at 20, as lovers and tricks and friends and confidantes (and various combinations thereof). I related a lot better to older queer folks in large part because I had queer (and pervert, and slut) experience under my belt in ways that other folks my age just… didn’t.

These days, though, most other queer folks around my age have caught up with me in terms of community and relationship experience and outness. It’s fairly usual for someone who is, say, 28, to have been out for a decade or more. That means that I can mostly forget how distinctly fucking weird my experience of my queerness and outness was when I was growing up. It can fade into the background of my life, in a way.

And then I think about the fact that it has been nearly 19 years, and I’m just like “Damn, yeah, most queer people of my particular generation do not have this experience at 30. This is a little strange and a little lonely.”

And I am not complaining, by any means. I am extremely blessed and privileged to have had the life I’ve had, especially when it comes to being out in the ways I’ve been able to be out, especially from such a young age.

That said, it is always bizarre to be a statistical anomaly. Real life is a lot weirder than anything you could ever make up.

"Well, you know what they say: The family that pees rainbows together stays together!"

— Thank you, Dorian, for the quote of the evening last night. :)

1st pic: Carol, Robert, me, Marlene, Debbie, & Dorian.
2nd & 3rd pix: Carol, Robert, me, Marlene, Debbie, & Alan.

Marlene & Dorian threw me a small graduation/”Gina Is Awesome” dinner part-tay tonight. There were several courses of food, involving all of my favorite things (duck, cherries, tomatoes, blood oranges, seafood, chocolate with mint + cherries + figs, mangoes, champagne, exquisite cognac…)

Nobody has ever thrown me a party before (at least, not as an adult). It was wonderful. I am deeply verklempt (also, possssssibly still a little tipsy from all the cognac). My heart feels full to the brim.

Thank you so much for being my family, sweet ones. <3


The deadline is quickly approaching to submit you artwork for our second annual show! Get yours in today!


The deadline is quickly approaching to submit you artwork for our second annual show! Get yours in today!