Hello tumblr.

I have not owned the internet for a very long time. I will own it on Tuesday for the first time in maybe 6 months? I think more like 8 months tbh. Then you will see more of me.

Here is what you need to know:

1. I moved back to Milwaukee after close to 3 years in Oakland.
1a. I am not happier but I am a lot less stressed which almost feels like happiness.
1b. I now live with my husband, my brother (not biological brother), two cats, and two dogs in a two bedroom in the coolest neighborhood in Milwaukee (Riverwest) and it’s awesome.

2. I applied to grad school for Social Work for the fall. I don’t know if I got in yet. I won’t know for another month at least. I’m anxious.

3. I think I might officially have a writing career.
3a. My play was one of 8 live performance pieces accepted at the San Francisco’s Queer Art’s Festival showcase focusing on fat queers. I get to fly out to SF in June and get naked for hundreds of people.
3b. Going on a midwest tour with that same play and a zine I contributed to called The Barf Zine. I’m making a tumblr for the tour so I’ll reblog it here and then all Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison/Minneapolis/Bloomington folks can get excited.
3c. Working on a YA novel I’m really really excited about.

4. I’m still perfect and gorgeous if you were wondering.

I am so glad to see this update from you, dear. You remain one of my favorites. And I’m really excited to see your performance in June!

<3 <3 <3