Melissa just txt’d me that Lou Reed died. I am really, really sad.

Lou Reed SAVED MY LIFE when I was a teenager. Yes, he was fucked up in about a million & one ways, but also, uncomplicated relationships are for uncomplicated people. Lou Reed’s music got me through & gave me hope during my Teenage Queer Pervert Years and my 20s Genderqueer Coming Out Years and The Worst Fucking Break-Up Of My Life last summer. To this day, whenever things feel sad and unstable in my life, I put on a Lou Reed album and I take a hot shower or bath and I sing along really loud. And without fail, whatever sucks is a little bit better.

I just kinda always figured there’d be a next time that I’d be visiting NYC and I’d get to see him in concert for free in a park with special guest Laurie Anderson (because that is how I tended to see him in concert, and because New York is magical like that).

I just can’t fucking believe he’s gone.