My piece for Still Here tomorrow makes VERY heavy reference to the entire album “Heroes,” but esp. to this song.

Some of you might remember this piece from my performance at Girl Talk Show 2012. It was pretty awesome then, but I have re-written the whole damn thing and added SINGING! You really don’t want to miss this. Trust me.

For those of you not in the know: “Heroes” is a very personal story about growing up in San Francisco & my friendship with a girl I call “Molly” (who I am still *very* lucky to count among my nearest & dearest friends 15 years later). Queer kids find each other in high school and they hold on for dear life. Or at least, she & I did. (Love you, Bella.)

And yes, I’m shamelessly using Bowie to tug on everyone’s Tender Queer Teenage Friendship Heartstrings. And no, I’m not particularly sorry. ;)