"At the peak of my fame in high school as the maudite tapette, the moumoune, as the fucking faggot, the man-woman, the wanna-be cunt, pick and choose whichever you want, there was one precious moment when I actually saw a spark of humanity in one of my bullies’eyes. He kicked my books, grabbed me by the hair, knocked my head against a locker door; he looked me straight in the eyes and with what to this day I can only read as sincere compassion said: “If I was you, I’d go jump off a bridge.”

Since Victoria Day 1996, every single time I get this almost irresistible urge to destroy myself, I think again about that bully’s words. And with all the strength that I can gather from my loved ones, I reiterate a promise I made to myself: that I will not die as a stereotype. And that I will not die in a way that makes it easy for a bunch of political opportunists to appropriate my death for their own filthy purposes."

Mirha-Soleil Ross, Yapping Out Loud: Contagious Thoughts from an Unrepentant Whore (2004)

I’m crying.

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Oh, Mirha-Soleil Ross. I am always blown away by her work & words, and this quote is no exception.

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