4 things (to possibly be expanded on later, when i haz more brain)

1. Two cross-country gigs in one day is no fucking joke, peoples. Especially when you have a chronic illness. I slept 12 hours last night/today, and I am STILL the Tiredest Gina in the History of All Ginas. Ever.

2. Still. I am glad & grateful we brought Girl Talk out to Smith and especially, especially to Hampshire. More about both of those gigs soon. But in very short: I’m proud of us. We did good work. The audiences were small, which was sad, and which also illustrates why this work is so fucking important. That said: The people who were there in the room were engaged and gracious and enthusiastic and seemed really touched by the work. That matters.

Also, for the Hampshire gig, 3/4 of us were 5 College Consortium alums, and Jos & I are both Hampshire alums. It was beyond cool to sit on a stage with 3 of my closest friends in the world, first off. Secondly, it was beyond cool to bring this work that means so much to all of us to a community that means so much to me, Jos, and Melissa. Thirdly, it was awesome to show Rose the Pioneer Valley, as it is a place that was so formative for me as a young’un.

3. My Thesis (which is the first full draft of How To Have A Body) is due to my advisor for review in 17 days. Then re-writes. Then Thesis filing. Then graduating in mid-May (!).

4. In short: This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around. I will probably be pretty quiet here for the next bit of awhile, while I’m hunkering down with The Book.