Its heartwarming to see these students (I don’t know what their identification is) stand up for the rights of transwomen especially when the queer community—especially the lesbian segment—is so quick to show them abuse and neglect. I hope I get to see the day when this gross policy is eliminated. To all the transwomen out there, you have my full love and support.

Side Note: In addition to being smart and talented, Smithies are exceptionally cute.

i know a trans woman who was in a (co-ed) graduate program at smith who would love to see this

I still rage at the fact that much of the discussed “trans inclusion” at women’s colleges and universities is aimed at keeping trans men enrolled.

There is a lot of amazing change happening all over the place. The conversation is changing. People’s hearts and minds are changing.

(Now hopefully these students are actually standing up telling the people in charge these things and not just saying them on Tumblr.)

I’m very heartened to see this. By the way, Smith folks & others: Myself, Elena Rose, and Jos Truitt will be doing a Girl Talk event at Smith on April 6th. More details forthcoming ASAP, but be sure to mark yr calendars in the meantime!

(Source: smith-q-and-a)