Introducing Tilda | The Crazy Cat Lady Chronicles

Silver lining of this writing all-nighter: I just found a tiny, scrawny, adorable, & very affectionate little tuxedo cat in my garage/laundry room! This would also explain why Vajra (my cat) has been CLIMBING THE WALLS and meowing piteously all night — she either wanted to go play with her friend, or guard her territory, or both.

Anyway, I went into the garage to change my laundry, and to my surprise, I met this cat! She flirted with me and nuzzled me lots, and after some coaxing she let me pick her up and cuddle her. But she totally bolted when I tried to carry her into my apartment and even though she was tiny she wriggled away. Well, okay. :/

She is waaay too friendly and cuddly and used to humans to be feral. That said, she is also really skinny, to the point where I think she might be a stray or a lost kitty.

The whole set-up of my apartment, my laundry room/garage, and my neighbors’ apartments is kinda funky. I access the garage through an inner door in my apartment — like, my apartment opens up into the garage & vice-versa. Then the garage opens up at another point into a little hallway/stairwell, which is the back stairs for my upstairs neighbors’ house. So I followed The Kitty out into the little corner hallway between the garage & my neighbor’s house, but there is NO lighting out there and it was 2:30 in the morning at this point, and I stupidly don’t have a flashlight (taking care of that tomorrow!). It was way too dark to see where she sprinted off to, but I heard mewls that sounded like they might not just be her but might also be other cats or kittens. Eeek!

I left both dry & wet food out in the garage for her, in part so I can gauge her comings & goings. I’m gonna investigate more tomorrow in the daylight (esp. since there might be kittens!) and I’m gonna keep trying to get her into my apartment. If she’s lost, I want her to go back to her owner, and there is a better chance of that if she’s in my sights. If she’s a stray, I don’t know if I can keep her (my apartment is tiny and Vajra usually hates other cats). But I can at least find her a good home, right?

I have decided that I’m calling her Tilda, in the meantime. ‘Cause she’s slinky & femme & wearing a tuxedo.