I am so excited for this upcoming gig at UW-Madison! Madison peoples, please come out and say hi.

Selling out theaters and wowing audiences since its inaugural 2009 show, Girl Talk is a critically acclaimed multi-media performance show promoting dialogue about relationships of all kinds between queer trans women, queer cis women, and genderqueer people. Queer cisgender women, queer transgender women, and genderqueer people are allies, friends, support systems, lovers, and partners to each other every day — from activism that includes everything from Take Back the Night to Camp Trans; to supporting each other in having “othered” bodies in a world that is obsessed with idealized body types; to loving, having sex, and building family with each other in a world that wants us to disappear. At Girl Talk, trans and cis women and genderqueer artists and activists create a wide range of artistic work about their relationships of all kinds – sexual and romantic, chosen and blood family, friendships, support networks, activist alliances.

In this intimate and candid performance designed specifically for UW-Madison’s community, Girl Talk founder and co-curator Gina de Vries and Girl Talk co-curator Elena Rose will read selections of their work from the past five years of Girl Talk shows, debut long-awaited new work, and discuss the origins and future of Girl Talk. Join us for a night of spoken word and intimate conversation dedicated to building and fostering sisterhood and queer community for all women.