So I was just writing something about tranny chasers and how the problem is about behavior not about desire.  I started listing the messed up assumptions they make about trans women.  Some of the worst ones include: “trans women are desperate enough to have no standards and whoever you are you only need to give a little flattery to get one to fuck you,” “trans women are more sexually open and willing to do the dirty things your cis girlfriend refuses to do,” “trans women are less likely to be feminist, assert boundaries, or get upset when you do something sexist,” “trans women don’t have other support structures to turn to and need you to fill that gap,” and so on.  Obviously some really horrible stuff which ultimately frames trans women as more manipulateable and easier targets for abusive behavior.  

Then I was thinking, I should write something about chasers who go after trans men.  The first assumptions that popped into my mind were: “trans men are more likely to understand cis women,” “trans men are more likely to be feminist,” “trans men are radical and revolutionary by existing,” “trans men know what they are talking about around social justice and politics,” “trans men are less likely to be violent or abusive,” “trans men are extra special men-lite.”  Hmm…  Okay, so I also came up with trans men are the ultimate power bottoms which is pretty icky, and I’m sure there are a few others I’m not thinking of right now.

All of these assumptions are pretty fucked up, even the “positive” assumptions. But ultimately, they seem like they’re on a different level here.  #transmisogyny

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