Oh, fuck. I just heard that Christopher Lee committed suicide.

Christopher was one of the first wave of queer and trans pornographers making queer and trans porn for queer and trans audiences. On many levels, I wouldn’t be doing the work I do in porn (as a queer and genderqueer person, or as…

this is about an old friend of mine. we met in the late 90’s when he and some folks were starting a new film festival and so me and a co-worker helped out with resources, film programming, etc. from our larger and more established festival. he and i spent hours together over the years, mainly at film festival parties, events, or screenings talking shop, laughing together, and generally having the sort of camaraderie that comes from doing similar thankless and yet wonderfully fulfilling tasks for a living. over the years we weren’t in touch as much, and when I’ve seen him at friends homes for various celebrations he was often seeming less and less like himself and somehow more intense and less happy / balanced. i am stunned to hear of his passing. it feels like a part of me and my history just gave up and vanished. i am so so sad. the christopher i knew was a force of fabulous in the world. focused on spreading the revolutionary and edgy art of transgender filmmakers throughout the world. he wasn’t one to ever play it safe, and he always tried to push the envelope. he was a visionary around how to get the stories and lives of transfolks out into the world as created by themselves. he was a force to be reckoned with. oh old friend - there is so much more to say about you and so many more eloquent ways to say it. the world just got a little less fabulous. i can’t imagine the hard and painful road that led you to this. i just wish… i just wish it wasn’t so.

Reblogging for Cindy’s beautiful eulogy. I love you, sweet friend.