you could call this a tiny manifesto, i suppose

I’m in awe of Dorian Katz's phenomenal curatorial abilities. Doing Your Dirty Work was a fucking amazing show, and I’m privileged & honored that I got to go take a peek at it today before it got taken down. Today, I’m also very much wishing that art about sex & sexuality was NOT ghettoized or treated as “less serious” or less important in the way that it often is. I say this not as a visual artist, but as a writer who mostly deals in the dirty, tender stuff, and who has had my own work called into question again & again because of the sexual content.

Art & writing about sex is RELEVANT! It is SERIOUS (except when it is funny or silly)! It is LEGITIMATE! It is IMPORTANT! It touches the very core of who we are & what we desire as humans! Apparently I have strong feelings about this!