thoughts! i am having so many of them!

1a. The Wojnarowicz screening & panel at Stanford were phenomenal. Dorian Katz is a wonder to behold, folks. Seriously, she is SO wise & talented, and hours later I’m still thinking about all the connections she made in her talk.
1b. Relatedly, I am having a lot of thoughts about art, writing, porn (and in particular how I relate to (a) writing porn, and (b) porn performance), academia (and my love/hate relationship with the academy), censorship, & self-censorship. I really want to get all of these thoughts down, but my brain’s a bit too full/fried. I keep starting to write and then clicking on Brian Eno videos on YouTube instead. I think this mean I should go to bed & try again tomorrow. Soon, though, I promise.

2. Speaking of Brian Eno (and art, and sex)? On the way to Stanford with Marlene & Steven, I listened to Here Come The Warm Jets for the first time, and pretty much felt like I was losing a virginity. Seriously, it was a momentous occasion. You know how sometimes music just makes you feel electric & alive? It did that for me.