Occupy/Decolonize & disability: some raw thoughts

Bayeria Friends, a genuine & earnest question: What are some ways for folks who can’t physically be at #occupyoakland & #occupysf to still pitch in/help out right now? Or ways for folks to pitch in that involve minimal physical presence (dropping supplies off but not staying out in the streets for a long time, for example)?

Lefty politico friends, some genuine & earnest thoughts: I’m thinking about this because I’ve recently been dealing with some pretty major health stuff in my life, and I’m hitting up against the upper end of my energy/output limit very, very easily these days. I’ve been thinking a lot about how folks with disabilities navigate political/”movement” work while also practicing good & sustainable care for ourselves. Just to be really clear & to out myself, here: When I say “folks with disabilities,” I am including myself in that group — although I don’t talk about my disability stuff super-often, and more often than not I pass as non-disabled.

I think that’s there’s definitely a disability justice framework conversation to be had around this stuff — particularly around potential ways that Occupy/Decolonize movements can center and prioritize disabled people, as opposed to disabled people wondering where we can fit into it if we can’t be there to occupy to 24/7, you know? (I mean, see also, plenty of non-disabled people can’t be there to occupy 24/7, either.) I’m wondering what kind of motion/movement (if any?) has happened around the Occupy/Decolonize movements & crip politics? Especially because, even looking at peoples’ “I AM THE 99%" posts, I see so many people referencing disability and the ways that disability & poverty often intersect in brutal & unjust ways.

(I also think that this conversation/question can probably apply to a whole wide variety of marginalized peoples who, for whatever reason, cannot be physically present, or are less present, in the various Occupy/Decolonize movements.)

Okay, so, this is clearly a MUCH BIGGER DISCUSSION than just one tiny little late-night rambly tumblr post, but. I am interested in your thoughts! And I am interested in the myriad of ways that people can help out & work in coalition with each other.